Behind QuantiSave

Co-founders Thad Metz and Cafer Avci have been working on this concept since 2017. Thad was a former commodities broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Cafer has a PhD in Computer Science. They met in Tempe, Arizona when Cafer was at Arizona State University working with AZDOT.

Thad needed to acquire services to assist in dealing with a difficult personal situation. After thoroughly searching for helpful solutions, it became evident there was not one.

This long-winded affair led to the creation of QuantiSave. To give business owners the power to utilize their resources for foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances.



  • Liquidity is a top priority for any business.
  • Viable internal funding solutions are non-existent for SMB’s.
  • External funding solutions are costly, timely and limited.


  • Savings.
  • Power of choice to share, donate and redeem their items.


  • Expand their cause-awareness.
  • Increase donation accessibility.


Our vision is to connect the world through product.

  • Allow businesses to drive traffic when they need and increase cash flow within days.
  • Offer incentive-based sales solutions that provide significant savings and versatility for consumers.
  • Modernize donations to aid good causes and expand brand awareness to new audiences.


Our mission is to create positive impacts in all communities by delivering products and services with novel marketplace choices that connect and empower consumer, business, and charity interactions.